Snuggle Swag - Personalised

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Just like a cuddle!

You know that your pet loves being around "you".

We've found a great way to up-cycle your non-wearable clothing and create a wonderful product that you and your four legged bestie will love.

Our Snuggle Swag means they get the comfort of you even when you aren't there and we get more textiles out of landfill. 

How? It's simple - we process and mix your non-wearable clothing into the inner pillow of the Snuggle Swag. It upcycles textiles and makes your pet happy :)

How it works: 

1. Purchase your personalised Snuggle Swag on Worn Up

2. We'll send you an AUSPOST Return Paid 3kg Scent Satchel

3. Pop your unwearable clothing (no intimates please) into our 3kg Scent Satchel and send it back to us

4. As soon as we receive it we'll pop it into the mix with our super soft up-cycled pillow filling inside your Snuggle Swag 

5. We send it out to you asap. 

5. Happy four legged bestie - happy parent

As our Pet Swags are made from-cycled textiles we can't promise that you will receive the same colour as in the image. If you have a preferred colour let us know and we'll try our hardest to get it for you.