About Us

Worn up is a sister business to Sustainable Schoolwear which has been been making school and corporate uniforms for over 5 years. As an Australian business we're working toward putting in place as many sustainable practices as we can.
It's not always achievable, but we are trying our hardest!
We looked at every part of our business and how we worked and saw that change was needed! 
Worn Up was born from that process and is a step toward our business eventually becoming circular.
  • We estimate that each school discards about 100 - 200kg of non-wearable uniforms per year. 
  • This means that potentially over 2000 tonnes of uniform textiles are ending up in Australian landfill.
  • Add to this unwearable corporate and sporting club uniforms and you can see the problem. 

Now imagine this for a business! Most large companies have over 1000 people in uniforms and these uniforms are used nearly everyday. Once they have become unwearable and put into landfill they can take up to 100 years to breakdown.

500 million kilos of textile waste in landfill each year globally 

You don't want that - and neither do we. We have started collecting non-wearable items to see what can be done. We have collaborated with UNSW SMaRT Center and NSW Circular to pilot some ideas about what could be done with textile waste.

They were well ahead of us and we have joined a whole community working towards a more sustainable future. If you want to follow our progress and some of the items we're creating follow our instagram and facebook

Why start Worn Up?
We see textiles waste as equivalent to plastic waste. Launching Worn Up allows us to focus on the end as well as the beginning in terms of our products and also for us to be a responsible manufacturer. Why not share that!