*Please note that at this time we do not accept individual collections. Our collections are for schools, businesses or organisations. We are working on providing our residential customers with some options in the future!


Why is there only one POD size for Schools?

We wanted to keep it simple for Schools to collect and return their non-wearable uniforms. We actually have 3 PODS sizes Small, Medium and Larger. But, most Schools use the medium POD - 25kgs. If you require a smaller or larger one please let us know.

How do I return by first load of non-wearable uniforms?

Easy. Either jump online and book your first return or email us at admin@wornup.com. A Worn Up Van or our courier will collect them. You can track your uniforms and we will update you on where they end up and which products they will be used for.

What cannot be reformed yet? 

At the moment we can't take shoes, bags or underwear. These items either aren't able to be processed with machinery available yet or they are a health hazard for our team. We will hopefully provide an options for shoes and bags soon (keep and eye on our socials)! 

Why is there a cost associated with this?

As a Responsible Manufacturer it's important for us to provide stewardship. Re-using waste will have a cost associated with the collection, transportation and development of new ways of using that waste. At the moment there is a landfill or shipment cost in disposal of your uniforms which you may not normally see.

But, the Schools that we have spoken to prefer to be responsible for their waste and role model this for students. We don't pass this cost to others, we don't ship off shore and we don't burn anything 'for energy'. Going forward we hope to reduce the cost to Schools as more corporates join the Worn Up fight!

What do you do with the non-wearables?

Unlike many others we don't 'make energy (code for burn)' from your uniforms. They are sorted and some will be recycled, non-wearables will be processed into raw materials ready to go to our list of manufacturers who will turn them into new products such as acoustic tiles, furniture, small products.  Imagine your old school uniforms being transformed into new SCHOOL DESKS. 

Is this Circular?

Not fully circular yet. It's early days for taking fiber-to-fiber and even if we did spin a new yarn (hopefully soon) the making in Australia is still a little way off. However, getting the process started by keeping it out of landfill and creating raw materials for new products is a great start.

What happens to the trims like buttons, zips etc?

These are trimmed off the garments and reused. You'd be surprised at how quickly these add up!

How can I change a delivery or collection address?

Just give us a call or email us and if the shipment hasn't been sent we can change it for you. Once an order has shipped, the address can't be changed. We will connect with you once you place your order just to confirm the delivery address and best time to deliver.

Why do we have to pay for this?

There is always a cost to create an alternative to dumping and clogging our current waste streams.

The cost of recycling is made up of: transportation, processing, and upcycling. Council run programs are included in your rates but can't cater to textiles. Also, they don't currently have the manufacturer lined up and ready to use the raw materials like we do. 

  • Collection: Your Pod is especially designed from Australian recycled materials and made in Australia. We pay to produce these because it creates a great focal point for a School and creates a consistency in the volume of your collections. 
  • Transportation: Shipping your products and packaging to us for reform involves a courier or our van. Part of the cost of your Worn Up Pod goes toward the prepaid shipping label that comes with it.
  • Processing: Once we receive your returned uniforms, our warehouse team sorts them by their composition and detrims them.  
  • Upcycling: The uniforms or offcuts are cleaned and then transformed into raw materials that can be used to manufacture new products. 

While the Worn Up Pod system may seem expensive, it is more than a POD. It is a way to create a new resource and make the most of what we use and discard.  Keeping your products and packaging out of landfill or being burnt.