Responsible Disposal of Textiles Certification


It's important to recognise schools, groups and businesses that keep their uniforms out of landfill. 

The 'Responsible Textile Disposal Tick' is a recognisable stewardship and certification initiative for organisations that dispose of textile waste responsibly.

The criteria developed by Worn Up ensures that organisations are responsible, accountable and transparent in the management of their textile waste. It develops consumer confidence in business and organisations and allows for greater consumer awareness regarding textile waste.

This certification is one of Australias leading industry standards for business transparency. 

Benefits include: 

  • Improved consumer and employee understanding regarding textile waste and material reform.
  • Ability to report sustainability milestones in Dow Jones Sustainability Index 
  • National recognition for reducing textile waste in landfill 
  • Become a founding contributor to evolving Materials Reforming Industry within Australia. 

With 1,000 of tonnes of uniform waste clogging up landfill each year, it's important for organisations to play their part in the change.