School Subscription

How it works: 

1. You start collecting 

2. We collect


It is as easy as that!

You can either: 

  • Get a collection Pod that will be put into your schools uniform shop and collect all the clothes! 

  • Or collect all the clothes in your own box.

Where to begin!

Start collect all the clothes that cannot be sold as second hand because they are damaged, stained or fading. Then once you have enough to fill a box email us and we will organise a collection for you! Each collection can be up to 22kgs at a time. If you subscribe with us you will be able to have up to 75kgs collected each semester! Otherwise you have book a 'on-demand' collection which will be a maximum of 22kgs per box. 

If you would like to find out more please email us at or head over to our socials for updates on our progress. 

*Please note there is a cost associated with this service that will be quoted per school depending on: location, KG and sponsorship opportunities. 

Fill out this form to organise your schools collection with us!