Schools and Worn Up

How it works: 

1. You start collecting: 

2. We collect


It is as easy as that!

What we offer:

  • Collections for schools across Australia: We are currently working with schools from all across Australia, rural and metro! Pricing depends on location.
  • Textile Rescue Pod (optional): Get a collection Pod that will be put into your schools uniform shop. This is a great visualisation tool for the students to engage with textile recycling!
  • Responsible Textile Disposal Certificate: This certificate indicates the exact amount of textiles you have diverted from landfill! 
  • Uniform Changeover Services: We offer bulk collections for uniform change overs to help schools divert all the old uniforms from landfill!

Some more information before you start: 

  • Textiles must be in boxes that are equal to or below 50cm x 50cm x 40cm to be collected.
  • We can't take shoes, bags or underwear at this time. We hope in the near future we can provide this service for you! 

    Where to begin!

    Start to collect all the un-wearable or un-saleable uniforms. Then once you have enough to fill a box email us and we will organise a collection for you! 

    *Please note there is a cost associated with this service that will be quoted per school depending on: location, KG and sponsorship opportunities. 

    Fill out this form to organise your schools collection with us!