Worn Up Program: 

Program Update

This program is currently on pause as we have a lot of exciting activities happening over the next 6 months! 

In the meantime, we would like to congratulate multiple councils on completing their first year in the program! It has been an amazing process to see the local communities respond to this service.

Next steps for Worn Up Textile Rescue Program

The school council program will be on pause until 2023. We have almost met our target and are moving locations to focus more energy on our manufacturing process. 

If the local council is keen to start this initiative we suggest starting the EOI process for 2023 now. We would be happy to start discussions about starting these programs from the beginning of the year.

Services we provided for Councils and Government


      • For local councils: A program for you local schools. Four collections over the course of 12 months
      • Worn Up Textile Supply Audit and workshops can be run for schools


        • WORN UP works with you to identify sustainability challenges in your uniform and corporate wear supply chain. 


            • Each Material Work in-house session is 2 hours and covers mapping where employees uniforms come from, how they are made and how they are disposed of.  The sessions look at innovative up-cycled products now available or being developed. 
            • These session are a fun, informative interactive session which can help work towards an organisations sustainability objectives. 


              We believe it is important that all organisations, no matter the size, can help reduce textile waste! We are currently pausing our collections, but if you are looking for more information please get in touch with us on our contact page.