Clubs and Sporting Associations

Please Note:

OUR COLLECTION SERVICE IS CURRENTLY ON PAUSE FOR ONE OFF COLLECTIONS. Please still inquire if you are looking to set up a program or find out more information.

We love up cycling uniforms and keeping them out of landfill. We can securely shred and upcycle your uniforms by arranging:

    • A uniform Collection Pod for your club.  Our Collection Pods  are made from fully recycled materials
    • Pods come in Small, Medium and Large sizes for any of your uniform collection needs  
    • Every collection is transported with GPS tracking to our shredding facility 
    • Your uniforms then find new life when they are used in the development of new products such as acoustic tiles, furniture, small products 
    •  Depending on the size and number of collection points - discounted shredding rates are available.

    We believe it is important that all organisations, no matter the size, can help reduce textile waste! We are currently pausing our collections, but if you are looking for more information please get in touch with us on our contact page.