About Us

Hi, we are glad you are here. First, we would like to start by saying welcome. We are excited to share with you who we are, where we came from and our progress. 

What is the Textile Rescue Program?

This led us to start Worn Up and our first Textile Rescue Program. We work with Schools, corporates, Councils and sports associations to keep as many uniforms out of landfill as possible and turn them into a raw material for new products. 

What else have we done?

  • NSW EPA Circulate grantee 2022
  • Member of the Federal Government's Textile Stewardship Committee (2021)
  • A Planet Ark Case Study  (2020) 
  • Channel 10 'Change Maker' (2020)
  • AMP 'Tomorrow Maker' (2019)
  • NSW Circular Pilot Project (2019) 

    How did you start?

    Worn up grew out of Sustainable Schoolwear which has been been making school and corporate uniforms since 2016. We looked at every part of our business and how we worked, and saw that change was needed!  

    • By running a Textile Rescue Pilot in 2019 we estimated that each school discards about 100 - 200kg of non-wearable uniforms per year. 
    • This means that potentially over 2000 tonnes of uniform textiles are ending up in Australian landfill.
    • Add to this unwearable corporate and sporting club uniforms and you can see the problem! 

    Once they have become unwearable and put into landfill they can take up to 100 years to breakdown. Help us get at east 100 tonne out of landfill asap.