Crown Resorts Diverts 1tonne Uniforms from Landfill


Amazing to have worked with Crown Resorts on board to keep uniforms out of landfill!

Thank you everyone who is joining-in by bringing their old uniforms back and keeping them out of landfill.

Worn Up has had some terrific results in developing what our Kickstart Partner, the CSIRO are calling a new generation composite all made from non-wearable uniforms and waste plastics. With our 2021/22 Textile Rescue Pilot completed we are almost ready to scale production. This will help us all achieve circularity in waste textiles.

Yes your uniforms can make desks!  We've called our new composite FABtec.

It's taken us two years to complete and CSIRO's third party benchmarking tests to show that FABtec is a viable waste-based competitor to normal interior building and furniture materials.

Crown Resorts had two major collection. The first in May 249.80 (and another in December 2022 east. to be over 800kg. These have totalled over approximately 1 tonne or 1000kg diverted from landfill.


Huge thank you to everyone at Crown Resorts. See you in 2023.