Thank you IKEA team - you've diverted just under 18 tonnes of uniforms  (18,000kgs) from landfill and avoided emissions of approximately 34,000 kgce.

Worn Up has collected the majority of uniforms from the stores and will keep collections going for new uniforms as they come in. Services Office will also soon send out an email to roll-out excess textiles collection and what we can process.

FEEL GOOD! Your uniforms are just about to be detrimmed of buttons, zips and logos. Logos will go through a secure shred, and zips and buttons and other trims find a new homes with small makers. Unlike Glassons, (another fantastic client) - not so much bling on yours :)

Once the uniforms come to us they stay with us until they are turned into a second life product. We shred, process and the mix them with a suitable companion waste plastic. It all goes into the FABtec process and large sheets that can be cut or moulded to become tiles, tubs, tables or loads of other items.

Here are some collection pics from the stores.

Tempe went first and they were glad to pass the uniforms on :)

Tempe First to Roll out their uniforms to Worn Up

National collections kicked of with FM's and P&C teams loading them up! 

Worn Up now part of the furniture

All part of your efforts around Resource Recovery!

And early tiles showing promise as Tempe gets a first sample desk and distribution grabs a trial POD! The desk base was purchased from Recovery Section so we can say a completely recovered product! 

We are now starting to create FABtec items for IKEA's back office so everyone can see their uniforms come back for their second life.

Annie and the Worn Up Team