Schools and P&Cs

Because over 700 tonnes of uniforms end up in landfill each year we are on a journey to keep non-wearable uniforms out of landfill. We have a unique collaboration with UNSW SMaRT Centre and manufacturers who will use the raw materials in many different ways but NEVER landfill. 

If each school in NSW collects one item from each student and gives it to us to reform. You are saving 1, 219, 572 items from going into landfill. If each school gave us their whole uniform at the end of its life, we would have saved over 3.5million items of clothing from going to landfill! 

School Collection

How it works:

  1. Collect: Collect your items (uniforms only)
  2. Ship: Book the collection on Worn Up and print the prepaid postage label
    If your school is interested in signing up and booking a collection straight away email us at or register your interest here

     School Change Over

    We understand that schools are evolving and changing. That's why we now provide Change Over Collections. As each School is different we have made it a simple quote process so it's right for you. Once you get in contact with us through the link below we will get in touch with you regarding the quantities you need to ship.  If you are unsure - that's okay! Our friendly team at Worn Up are experts and will be able to quantify the amount of waste that will be produced.

      If this sounds like what you need, please register your interest here

      Worn Up's Guarantee 

        • Unlike many others we don't 'make energy*' from your uniforms - we make products. They are sorted and some will be recycled, non-wearables will be processed into raw materials ready to go to our list of manufacturers who will turn them into new products such as acoustic tiles, furniture, small products.  Imagine your old school uniforms being transformed into NEW SCHOOL DESKS. 

        We work with our courier partners: Sendle, Auspost, Startrack and others.