WELCOME Seqwater

It's fantastic to have Seqwater onboard with Worn Up.

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We are excited to start a partnership with Seqwater, so your non-wearable uniforms can have a second life.

Who is Worn UP?

Annie Thompson from Worn Up made uniforms for more than 8 years. One day,  she asked 'what happens to these when they reach their end of life?'.

For more than 12 months, Worn Up worked with customers to collect their used uniforms and in doing so, found that most of them ended up in landfill.

So, they started the Textile Rescue take-back program in 2020 with the aim of diverting 100 tonnes of uniforms away from landfill and into new products that make-the-most of the raw materials.

Working with material scientists and experts they quickly developed some new solutions which includes the development of FABTEC - a new waste-based composite for building materials.

Checkout more information about Worn Up here:


There are a few steps before we reinvent your uniforms.

These are:

1. Some sites will receive a yellow POD where you can place old work uniforms.

2.    Once full, we will arrange for the collection of the POD where it will make its way to Sydney for processing. 

3.  Processing includes logo shredding, weighing, composition-checks, de-trimming buttons, zips and things and then shredding it back to a raw material. We mix that material with waste plastics such as bottle tops and water bottles and create a hard composite which can be made into desks, tables, stools, chairs and even internal building materials.

Here are some images of other clients transformed end-products.

FABTEC slabs which are cut and made into desks, tables, stools and other fun things.



We'll keep you up to date here as your uniforms escape landfill and find a second life!

 POD Assembly Instructions:

POD Assembly.pdf