Used Clothing Return

We are sorry to hear that your clothing has made it to the end of its lifecycle, but its not all sad!

We have created a system where your clothes are able to have a new life. By returning your clothing to us, you helping us to divert up to 100 tonnes of clothing from landfill by 2023. We use these items to produce a new raw material that will be used to make new products!


How it works: 

1. Clothing that has this tag that you have scanned are produced by a supplier that is trying to reduce the effect of textile waste on the planet. The tag signifies that the supplier is committing to a circular life cycle of the clothing they produce by giving the option to up-cycle their items at the end of life. 

2. Once your clothing is worn out and at the end of its thread, we encourage you to return these items by dropping them off at your local Worn Up Partner School or talking with your council about setting one up! 

3. From there, these textiles are transported to our processing facility in Sydney, Australia where they are reformed into new products. These products range from dogs beds, acoustic tiles to desks and other furniture. If you would like to follow the journey of your old textiles and to see what they become, follow our instagram!