What we do

We want to contribute to zero-waste in landfill solutions for textiles.  

Our aim to upcycle materials so they retain their value and support a circular economy by being reformed or rehired and kept out of landfill.

We recognize that recognising the true value of used materials, keeping textile waste out of landfill and preserving resources that new materials would be created from is key to a more sustainable future.

We also believe in reducing and, eventually, fully eliminating the use of single use items that have no value and instead demonstrating the use of items that do have value.

We advocate for the proper disposal of those items so the materials can be utilised to their full potential. 

As well as organised pre-kerbside collection - our work is provides end market solutions.

Our Macquarie Park facilities convert non-useable textiles into valuable raw materials and new products.

We work with businesses, councils and companies to help them with their waste diversion. By finding solutions we create the biggest possible impact for the future.

Going forward, we want to collaborate with partners that share our vision to make the world a better place. The ways we collaborate are through strategic buyer and supplier and business collaborator partnerships.